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Building your architects network in the DACH Region!

Are you struggling making contact and building relationships with the German speaking architectural market? Join our specially developed workshop for international manufacturers and service providers on how to expand your business in the thriving German market.

"I am happy to confirm my enthusiasm about the participation in the workshop "Building Architect Network". I personally gained many interesting, new approaches and insights. I can recommend everyone to participate in this workshop. Thank you and continued success." Andreas Wahsner, Sales Manager, MetallArt Treppen

"Great speakers with experience from the market and expertise in the industry, offering an individually tailored consulting concept through expert advice." Luca Stollenwerk, Trainee Property Management, Saint-Gobain Weber GmbH

"Anaïs Röschke and David Jackson did an excellent job of establishing a personal relationship with and among the participants in the online course "Building an Architect's Network - Special Features in Sales with Architects". Through their intensive preparation and engagement with the specific backgrounds of the participants, I immediately felt understood and "picked up". Although the course with 4 dates can of course not cover the topic completely, the tricks and advice conveyed are a very good start and can be applied directly in day-to-day business." Christian Krüger, Head of Sales & Services Architects/Planners, VELUX Deutschland GmbH

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